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Latest News

Pia Fries
Book Design
5 Color Offset/Screenprint
135 × 210 mm, 100 p.

The inside of the white screenprinted bookcover is split in two parts. The first part of the publication features a diverse array of text constributions set in a variable grid, overprinted at crucial points by Pia Fries' work. The second part of the publication showcases exhibitions views at the Kunsthaus Baselland as well as past views, with a focus of the appearence of her artwork in various exhibition spaces.

Published by Verlag für moderne Kunst, offset and screen printing: DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH , Typefaces: Kanister Bold and Cellophan Black (Supersoft)

Presenza Op. 1
4 Color Offset Printing
F4/168 × 260 mm, 48 p.

Visual identity for the experimental classical music festival Presenza; initiated by the cellist Sol Gabetta, Balthazar Soulier and the Orchestra della Svizzera italiana (OSI). The identity refers to the visual language of notation systems and transfers on to the typography.

Offset Printing: Plakatif AG (Zurich), Typefaces: Sculpt and Kanister (Supersoft)

Listening to Artists
Book Design
2 Color Offset Printing
130 × 190 mm, 262 p.

The publication “Listening to Artists” is a handy interview reader. Each interview runs across the two horizontal halves of the book in different layouts, bilingual in parallel. The different dynamics of the conducted conversations create diverse page views, which are held together by the consistently centered artist bios.

Published by: Verlag für moderne Kunst (VfmK), Project Coordination: Inés Goldbach and Ines Tondar, Offset Printing and Binding: Gutenberg Beuys Feindruckerei, Typefaces: Kanister and Sculpt (Supersoft), Special thanks to Yves Graber!

Poem Police
Offset Printing
220 × 340 mm, 32 p.

The artist publication “Poem Police” accompanying the exhibition of the same name by Anne-Lise Coste, references various forms of publications, from the poetry album to an art catalog to a manifesto in order to present the exhibition images as well as the three texts.

Project Coordination: Inés Goldbach and Ines Tondar, Offset Printing and Binding: Engelberger Druck AG, Typefaces: Ernest and Cellophan (Supersoft)

Mit Status: N, F, S, B, C
Offset Printing
F4/95 × 130 mm, 28 p.

Info booklet and poster series for Open Futures and Club La Fafa in partnership with Freiplatzaktion Zürich, raising awareness on the residential status of refugees and migrants in Switzerland. N, F, S, B, C are not just letters, but they determine the lives of refugees and migrants in Switzerland!

Project Coordination: Isabelle Vuong and Nadja Baldini, Offset printing and binding: Offsetdruckerei Karl Grammlich GmbH, Typeface: Cellophan (Supersoft)

Type Design

Kanister is a free interpretation and concentration of classic transitional typefaces such as Concorde by Günter Gerhard Lange, but drawn with a sharp and raw ductus in mind. 

2000 Sculpture, De Maria
Poster, Invitation, Animations
Screen and Offset Printing, Digital

The design for this installation at Kunsthaus Zürich focuses on an areal, detailed view of the space filling artwork by Walter De Maria and unifies multiple perspectives and viewpoints through an interplay of printing techniques as well as the overlapping of shapes and typography.

Project Coordination: Marie-Hélène Thornton, Curator: Mirjam Varadinis, Screen Printing: Brander Siebdruck, Offset Printing: Engelberger Druck, Digital Printing: Uldry, Typefaces: Cellophan 2000 (Supersoft) & Organigramm (Fabio Menet)

Turing Agency
Web Design

Web design for Turing Agency, a Zurich-based competence center for artistic explorations in the field of machines becoming human (and humans acting mechanically). The variable background icon functions as the agency’s mascot while simultaneously creating new shapes depending on the users cursor position.

Code: Felix Niklas, Typefaces: Cellophan (Supersoft) & Organigramm (Fabio Menet)

Barcelo Baumann Architekten
Web Design

As with the architecture itself, the website and identity for Barcelo Baumann Architects uses elements of layering, overlap and transparency to create a connection between graphic mediation and the architecture on display.

Code: Janosch Bela Kratz, Typefaces: Plain (Optimo) & Canetis Mono (Supersoft)

Expedition: Regenwald
Poster Design
Offset Printing

Poster and invitation for the 50th anniversary show of Studio für Tanz und Gymnastik Basel.

Typefaces: Holzfuss and Kanister (Supersoft)

WZW Architektur
Web Design, Identity
Offset Printing, Digital

The new website and the visual identity for the architecture office is held together by the overlapping yellow stripes always containing the content. The website has a focus on a two-column page layout that, analog to a publication, is intended to invite visitors to view, read, and browse through the office's work.

Code: Felix Niklas, Offset Printing: Engelberger Druck AG, Typeface: WZW Grotesk (Supersoft)

Alpen Traum Wandlung
Poster, Invitation, Social Media
Digital Printing

Curator: Nicolas Kerksieck, Project lead: Nicolas Kerksieck and Ilaria Longo, Digital Printing: Uldry AG, Typefaces: Sculpt Mono, Kanister Mono (Supersoft)

Oasi Malaparte
Digital printing, 3D-Visualizations
225 × 375 mm, 184 p.

This publication is a fictional architectural monograph that uses typography, photography, and 3D visualizations to establish the notion that visual communication still has a major role in the field of architecture and is instrumental to the fact that we can experience architecture without ever actually seeing it.

Oasi Malaparte was developed as a Bachelor Diploma project at the Zurich University of the Arts and was mentored by Jonas Voegeli, Matthias Michel and Larissa Kasper. Typefaces: Canetis Regular (Supersoft) & Organigramm (Fabio Menet)

Variable Humanist
Type Design

Subtype is a variable and user-friendly film subtitle typeface, specifically designed for an application on video platforms on the internet. The typeface contains various features for both conventional and subtitling for non-hearing people and is also as available in five static weights.

Subtype was developed as a Bachelor Diploma project at Zurich University of the Arts and was mentored by Jonas Voegeli, Matthias Michel and Fabian Harb. Supported by: Pro Helvetia Starting Power Program

Go Back The Way You Came
Poster Design
Screen Printing

Exhibition poster for Kaari Upson’s first European solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel. The poster combines the visual codes of highway culture of her hometown San Bernadino with the emotional expression of her art.

Collaboration with Sandra Pfeiffer, Project lead: Claudio Vogt, Curated by: Elena Filipovic, Screen Printing: Lézard Graphique, Typeface: Berdoo Highway

Zoe Barceló & Filip Despotović form a young and collaborative graphic design studio that gives shape to contemporary culture through visual communi­cation. The Zurich and Basel based studio is active in the fields of art, architecture, culture and education. The focus of their work is on conceptually innovative, as well as participatory design methods.

Their culturally diverse roots inform the studio’s design strategy, which is characterized by progressive ideas, high quality of detail and production, pop cultural references, and a holistic approach in realization. Supersoft aims to engage clients, customers and collaborators in a process that clarifies and articulates the core values and their most representative design and implementation.

Their wide range of services are rooted in storytelling and include: editorial design, web design and online applications, animation, corporate identity and branding, signage and exhibition graphics, 3D-visualizations, photographic realizations as well as custom type design and art direction.

Supersoft — Studio für Visuelle Kommunikation
c/o A7 Ateliergemeinschaft (
Awards, Articles, Exhibitions, Talks:
2022 Nomination Prix Netzhdk, Zurich University of the Arts
2021 Article in wohnrevue Magazine,
October Issue 2021
2021 Lecture, Experimental Learning Lab, Zurich University of the Arts
2020 Pro Helvetia Starting Power Program
2020 Nomination Förderpreis, Zurich University of the Arts
2018 100 Beste Plakate 18
Germany, Austria, Switzerland
(Langnau Jazz Nights 2018)
2017 100 Beste Plakate 17
Germany, Austria, Switzerland
(ADC Creative Week)
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